Joyful apartment

  • Location: Varna
  • Type: residential
  • Area: 65 m2
  • Customer: private
  • Status: in progress
  • Photographs : Bluefox Interior Design


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The task was to create cheerful and cozy modern living space in apparently dull and dark apartment. To complete the mission we incorporated bright colors, oak herring bone floor tiles and painted the walls in neutral tones. We shaped the open living space by enlarging existing door openings and on the other hand put additional doors to allow communication with the rest of the apartment. By owners request home office area were formed as a continuation of the living space. To freshen up the atmosphere we used lots of decoration such as plants, colorful carpets and cushions, modern wall art and various other items. More on this project coming soon.

Floor layout concept
Living area 3D visualization
Home office 3D visualization
Home office view 3D visualization
Open living space 3D visualization
Kitchen 3D visualization
Kitchen with small pull up breakfast table 3D visualization
Bedroom view 3D visualization
Bedroom 3D visualization
Bedroom color option for walls view 3D visualization
Ivory colored bedroom walls 3D visualization
Bathroom 3D visualization
Entry way 3D visualization
Mirrors and ivory for entryway 3D visualization